Cricket should be introduced in Olympic games.

In Olympics so many different sports are played. Cricket should also be added.

There are so many different sports played in Olympics. Cricket should also be introduced. There are at least 8 countries which play the game at the highest level. T20 cricket can be introduced.

So many different sports are played in Olympics. The Rio Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is currently going on.

The game of cricket should be introduced in Olympics. If hockey can be part of Olympics, football can be part of Olympics, why not cricket? Cricket is more time oriented game, but in Olympics, T20 games take less amount of time.

T20 matches can be introduced in Olympics. It takes 2 hours to complete 20 overs. So in 4 and a half hours one match can be completed.

There are 8 good Cricket sides in the world. They include India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa.

So the teams can be divided in 2 groups. The top 2 teams of each group can play semi-finals.

If a sport like cricket is introduced in Olympics, many other nations will be interested to play cricket. Presently new teams like Holland, Ireland, Afghanistan are interested in cricket. They play T20 cricket and play decently. If the competitive element is brought in, the other nations will do well in cricket also.

The only factor that will be required will be the country which hosts the cricket match, has to have the cricket stadiums. Olympics are held in many countries which don’t play cricket. That can be a hurdle. But it is not impossible to set up cricket stadiums in different countries.

Presently in India more than 50 venues are there where cricket is played. It includes traditional stadiums like the Eden Gardens, Kolkata, the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai, the Greenpark Stadium, Kanpur, the Barabati Stadium, Cuttack, the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, the Chipak Stadium, Chennai and also the new stadiums that are build in Dharmshala, Jhamshedpur and many other new cities in India.

Australia has few stadiums which host cricket, but they are very famous stadiums. Some of them include the Gabba Stadium in Brisbane, the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, the Waca Stadium in Perth and there are stadiums in Adelaide and Hobart.

England has many good stadiums. Some of the good stadiums include Lord’s Cricket Ground in London and Oval Stadium in London. There are good stadiums like Old Trafford, and cricket stadiums in Taunton, Southampton, Coventry, etc.

Sri Lanka has very good stadiums in Colombo, Galle, Kandy and many other parts of the country. West Indies has very good stadiums in Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua and other parts. New Zealand has good stadiums in Christchurch, Dunedin, and other parts. South Africa has good stadiums in Durban, Pretoria, etc.

It is a fact that the cricket stadiums in different parts of the world behave differently. While pitches of Durban, Perth are very hard and bouncy. The fast bowlers get a lot of help from those pitches. The pitches of Chennai, Colombo, are slow turning wickets. There is a lot of turn for the spinners in these wickets. Wickets in Lords, Leeds, Oval, etc get a lot of wind on one side, so the swing bowlers get a lot of assistance. Sydney has such a wicket where the pitch helps the fast bowlers for first 3 days and the spinners in the last 2 days.

But Olympic Committee can take care about all these variations. Among the cricket playing nations, Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand have very good infrastructure, so they can host Olympics also. In fact the last Olympics in 2012 was held in London.

The set of umpires who are used in the Test Matches, One Dayers, T 20 matches, they can also be used in the Olympics.

These days Indoor Stadiums are also built which can allow playing of cricket during night also. Australia has such types of stadiums. There is no fear of rain which can spoil the games.

If the cricketers are contested against each other in Olympics, the standard of cricket will also improve. The openers like Finch, Warner, Shikhar Dhawan, Amla, will be tested in Olympics against different teams. The middle order batsmen like Steven Smith, Virat Kohli, Joe Root, De Villiers, and other players will be tested.

There will be big competition among the fast bowlers like Mohammad Amir, Chris Broad, Mitchele Starc, Mohammad Shami. There will also be big competition among the spinners like Rangana Herath, Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, Yasir Shah, and others.

The overall medal standing in the Olympics will not also get affected a lot. In Cricket there will be one gold, one silver and one bronze. The teams which will reach the semi-finals will get bronze. The rule will be almost the same as that of football or cricket.

Presently it is unknown as to why cricket is not allowed in Olympics. Whatever may be the reason, it can be argued otherwise.

India will be having a lot of chance of getting a gold in cricket. It is because India had won both One day World Cup competition and also T20 World Cup. India won the World Cup One Day Competition in 1983 in England and also in 2011 in India. So their superiority in cricket is beyond doubt.

India has the best batsman in the world in the form of Virat Kohli. Everyone agrees that he is the best batsman in all forms of cricket including Test matches, One Dayers and T20 matches. India also has the best right handed off-spin bowler in the form of Ravichandran Ashwin. There is no doubt that he is the best off-spinner in Test Matches, One Dayers and T20 matches.

If a good sport like cricket which is even contested introduced in Olympics, there will be a lot of sponsorship and great amount of viewership. In fact those TV channels which telecast cricket matches get the maximum TRP if compared with other TV channels which telecast other sports.

If the International Cricket Council discuss about introducing cricket in Olympics with the Olympic Association, there is no reason that a fruitful decision will not be entered into in the next 4 years. At least the game should be given a trial.

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If cricket is introduced in Olympics, India will have great chance of winning the gold.


Cricket has even reached the US and is a popular sport there. And matches at regular intervals are held that are attended by thousands of fans. Really, seeing all this, cricket should be there in the Games.


Yes playingcardsIndia. I feel there is huge excitement for cricket all across the world. If it is introduced in Olympics it will increase viewership.


Serenity, please, post more articles on this series ... it's really much more useful and interesting


World cup is already there and I do not think there is a need again for inducing cricket in olympics. New games need to be introduced so that many people will have an opportunity to take part.


Thanks Manasji. Yes in Olympics, the teams cannot be as serious as in World Cup. But it can be one sport where India can dominate.


Absolutely, cricket should be inducted in Olympics as it is the second most popular game in the world. With the inclusion of cricket, Olympics itself will get several billions of fans from the cricket playing countries. Though, it is not going to happen in Tokyo Olympics. It should be done in the next edition.


Ya, I agree. The fan-base will increase tremendously. And it will also help in cricket becoming more popular in those non-cricketing nations too.


Thanks Sharmaji, yes Cricket is very popular. India can also show its superiority. Presently India has 1st rank in tests.