Kerala Blasters earn their first point in Indian Super League

Kerala Blasters drew with Athletico de Kolkata in their third game in the Indian Super League. They had lost their first two games.

Kerala Blasters, the team from the God's Own Country, has took their first step in the journey to conquer the Indian Super League Football Championship. After the consecutive defeats in their first two games, the team's morale has been rather low but they have come back strongly, like a phoenix from the ashes. In their third match, Kerala Blasters recorded a draw with Athletico de Kolkata, so far the strongest team in the Indian Super League, at Salt Lake stadium, the homeground of the Kolkatan team, earning a valuable point.

After, a 1-0 loss to North East United and a 2-1 defeat to Chennaiyin FC, Blasters had been placed at the bottom of the point table without any. But the 1-1 draw elevated them a place and gave the much needed boost of confidence. It is not an easy feat to draw the best team in the league in their own home ground. Blasters are playing their first five matches on away grounds and are naturally at a disadvantage.

So every point they earn in the first half of their schedule is a bonus.

The game between Athletico de Kolkata and Kerala Blasters was also fight between India's beloved cricketer sons, former captain Sourav Ganguly and Cricket god Sachin Tendulkar.

It was Kolkata who scored the first goal. After a lacklustre 20 minutes game, taking advantage of the weakness of Kerala defence, Baljit Sahni, moved the net in the 22nd minute. After the goal, Kerala woke up and a beautiful attack designed by Iain Hume and Miligres Gonzalvez resulted in a goal in 41st minute. Hume was the scorer.

Kerala Blasters dominated the second half very well. They executed the plans very well but only the goal was absent. Kerala captain Penn Orji, Hume and Sandesh Jingan were instrumental in Kerala's attacks. Late in the game Kolkata also sharpened their attack and there were many times the viewers expected a goal. Another interesting feature of the match was that both goal scorers saw yellow cards for foul play.

Iain Hume was declared the hero of the match and rightly so. His goal was one of the best in the season so far. He covered most of the ground, also coming to help the defenders whenever necessary.

Kerala Blasters have found their rhythm and they should keep it up if they have to reach the semis. They have potential and only need to tap it. It is one of the most popular teams in the Indian Super League, much of it owing to its ownership by Sachin. All the fans have great expectations on the team and are expecting them to deliver amazing performances in the forthcoming games.

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