Seven Unconventional, but Possible Sporting Clashes

Seven Highly Entertaining Competitions That Might Take Place

Seven Unconventional, but Possible Sporting Clashes
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A list inspired by the rather unusual, but highly anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor, two champions from different, but related sports.

The so-called “Money Fight” between retired professional boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC lightweight world champion Conor McGregor, which is only a few days away at the moment I’m writing this article, will undoubtedly enjoy a massive global audience. This match between two champions from different, but related sports, will bring a lot of money into the pockets of those who came with this rather weird idea, and it might inspire to organize such events involving the participating of the best athletes in the world in their disciplines.

 I have made up a list of seven such rather weird, but possible sporting clashes that might be very successful in terms of the worldwide TV audience they would benefit from. Unlike the Mayweather Jr. vs McGregor fight, I would try to make the clashes fairer by having the participants competing against each other in both disciplines, and my list includes not only individual sports but also team games, so here comes the list of unconventional clashes between world class athletes from more or less related sports  I would organize if I had the money and the means to do it:

1. Chris Froome(cycling- Tour de France Winner) vs.

Valentino Rossi( Moto GP- multiple world champion).
2. Germany (football- FIFA World Cup Title Holders) vs. Argentina(
futsal- World Champions in 2016).
3. New Zealand(rugby- World Cup winners in 2015) vs. New England Patriots(American football- Superbowl Winners in 2017).
4. Nico Rosberg(Formula 1 world champion in 2016) vs. Sebastien Ogier(FIA World Rally Championship Winner in 2016).
5. Usain Bolt(
athletics- freshly retired 100 meters multiple Olympic gold medalist) vs. Mo Farah(athletics- 5000 metres Olympic gold medalist in 2016).
6. Andy Murray(tennis- 2016 ATP Finals Winner) vs. Chen Long(badminton- 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist)
7. Australia(cricket- 2015 World Cup Winner) vs. Chicago Cubs(baseball- 2016 MLB champions).

Of course, such clashes are only hypothetical, but I don't see why they couldn't take place one day. Since the competitions would take place in both disciplines in each of the seven cases, there would actually be 14 sporting events that would guarantee a lot of entertainment to the viewers and huge profits to the organizers, so it really wouldn't matter who wins these competitions. Anyway, the list remains open as there are certainly other exciting clashes that might be added to it!

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