There is no justification for England's dismal performance in FIFA World Cup 2014.

The article speaks about dismal performance of England in World Cup Soccer 2014 in Brazil. They have disappointed their supporters.

England these day don’t find pride in their football. There is no justification for their dismal performance in FIFA World Cup 2014.


They became the champions way back in 1966. But from Linekar’s period to David Beckham’s period England at least managed to reach the quarter finals or the semi-finals of World Cup soccer. In fact Gary Linekar became the highest scorer in 1986 World Cup with 6 goals and won the Golden Boot.


David Beckham was a great game-maker and was considered one of the great players of 2000 to 2005 period along with Zidane, Figo and Ronaldinho. Besides England during those years used to lose to the World Cup champion side. England under Gascoine and Linekar lost against Maradona’s Argentina in the quarter-finals of 1986 World Cup soccer.

Maradona’s best goal of the century defeating 7 English defenders happened in that match and also the goal with the hand occurred in that match. The same England team lost against Lothar Mathew’s Germany in the 1990 World Cup semi-finals in tie-breaker.


In 2002 World Cup Soccer, Beckham’s England lost against Ronaldinho’s Brazil in the quarter-finals. To a big section of football lovers some of these matches were the best encounters of those World Cups.


England had all the way to fall from heaven. In this World Cup along with big names Gerrard, Lampard, Wayne Roonie, nothing worked for England. They drew the match against Costa Rica and lost the matches against Italy and Uruguay.


The worst part is that in the group league matches they scored only 2 goals in 3 matches. Wayne Roonie may be a great player in British league. But in the World Cup finals he had been an absolute failure.  Another thing had been proved. It is that strikers without good defenders or ball-players are useless. There was a not a single English mid-fielder who could give path-breaking passes the way David Beckham used to do. Beckham had great combination with Michael Owen and Husky.  The other factor which altogether went against England was the failure of the players to shoot well from free-kicks and corner kicks. Beckham, Gascoine legacy could not be carried forward by Gerrard and others.


Even the defence and goal-keeping was hopeless. England boasted for having the best goal-keepers in International soccer like Peter Shielton. In 2014 World Cup, Italy’s Balateli and Uruguay’s Suarez had been successful only against England due to their lacklustre defence. It is high time England require new blood. At least 75% of the present should retire at the earliest. Otherwise England will end up being a country having good football history but no future like Hungary.

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