Top Scorer of Africa in FIFA World Cup

Meet the top scorer of Africa in FIFA World Cup!

Africa, talking about soccer, cannot be excluded in the list of the continent of the strongest national football teams who played in the FIFA World Cup. Some of the known national football teams are the Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. With the intense heat of this continent, soccer players from here are expected to last long in the soccer field for every match.

Talking slightly deeper about this continent, regarding its history on the pitch of the world’s most awaited soccer tournament, we would not surely miss the name of the striker from Ghana, Asamoah Gyan, when we consider the goals it had put in through the tough hand of the goalkeepers it had played against.

With a total of six goals, two of it was through penalty kick, in his World Cup appearances in 2006, 2010 and 2014 tournament; Gyan is now currently holding the title of the top scorer for the continent of Africa in FIFA World Cup.

Looking into the beginning of his goal scoring, Asamoah had kicked in his first goal during 2nd minute of their match against Czech Republic in the first round of 2006 FIFA World Cup with the final win score of 2-0.

Adding two goals for his record, from the penalty kick against Serbia and Australia in the 85th and 25th minute, respectively, during the first round of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Another goal from Gyan, also in that year’s World Cup tournament, was against United States during the 93rd minute of the extended match in the second round giving the win for their team with the final score of 2-1.

The final two goals of Gyan had been goal in during the recent World Cup against Germany and Portugal in the 63rd and 57th minute, respectively, on the first round of the tournament.

This 28-year old striker of Ghana was born on November 22, 1985. His senior career in playing soccer was started during the year 2003 with Liberty Professionals with a total of 10 goals in his 16 appearances.

He also appeared for 39 times in the team Udinese which he set an eleven goals during the year 2003 up to 2008.

And as a loan from Udinese, Gyan had also played for Modena with 15 goals in his 39 appearances for the team during the year 2004-2006.

Another club he played was Rennes wherein he played for 48 times with 14 goals during the year 2008-2010.

 Before he became player of his current team, Al Ain, he had been a loan from Sunderland with 10 goals in his 34 appearances during 2010 up to 2012.

At present, Asamoah Gyan is playing for Al Ain since 2012 with already 59 goals in his 47 appearances.



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