What's happening to India's batting?

Team India has been made to look a bunny at the hands of the English cricket team. It is one of those moments that India is often used to - defeats.

There was hardly a time when India had even an iota of control over the match. A team underperforming for the bulk of the time should never expect any positive results. No wonder India lost the match in less than three days even when more than one entire session was lost on the second day due to rain.

Pankaj Singh finally got his first Test wicket, but he has shown that he is a true number 11 batsman the way he bats. There is no cricketing shot at all. Gone are the days when batsmen only batted and only bowlers bowled. We need all rounders.

A perfect example is Ashwin. He showed that he (as a bowler) can stay in the team just for his batting abilities.

He was one of the top scorers for India. In the first innings he scored 40 runs and remained not out on 46 in the second innings. However, the way he approached the game was more praiseworthy. It looks like he will retain his place in the team for the last match even if he didn’t pick any wicket in his 14 overs.

Murali Vijay found it hard to find form after a sound beginning to the Test series. It was the opening that India needed to be extremely well. But, it was not to be. Shikhar Dhawan failed to get and give India start that was needed of him. He only showed flashes of brilliance, but never got going in the two Tests that he played.

That’s why Rohit Sharma got a chance in his place. However, he failed to grab the opportunity in both innings. That then gave chance to Gautam Gambhir, who played in the fourth Test and was the first of the series for him. It was always going to be difficult to find form immediately on the English pitches. He scored four and 18 runs in the match.

The top order just isn’t firing and the entire load of the batting is on the middle order. And unfortunately, after one reasonable innings in the series so far, even Ravindra Jadeja hasn’t found his groove either with the bat or with the ball. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar has been in the team for all the matches. And he did his best with the bat too. But the real efforts should come from the batsmen.

The injury of Ishant Sharma has proved to be a big setback. The only hope is that other bowlers bring India back in the series. India need to win the last Test to equal the series.

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