Is Twenty Twenty cricket really affecting the old charm of test cricket?

Cricket is played on a fast pace, nowadays, since Twenty Twenty format has been introduced in the game. But, the question arises that is Twenty Twenty cricket really affecting the old charm of test cricket?

Nowadays, there is a lot of craze about Twenty Twenty cricket among the cricket lovers. There is hardly anyone, who hates watching the game on the fast pace. But, the question arises here is that does Twenty Twenty cricket really affecting the old charm of the test cricket? I have a clear answer on this question that it is not affecting the test cricket much. But, yes, the amount of test matches played in a year should definitely be increased.

Cricket is a gentlemen's game and, it should always be played in a true sportsmenship spirit. There is always a different charm in watching the test matches. The technique and, temperament of a player is always tested in the test cricket.

His real character is tested in this format as well. On the other hand, Twenty Twenty cricket is played on a fast pace. There is absolutely no time to show the proper technique and, with a couple of good or, bad innings, a player cannot be judged properly. With the popularity of the Twenty twenty cricket nowadays, the old charm of test cricket is getting faded slowly. In my opinion, the number of test matches played in a whole year should be increased. With such a change in the number of test matches, the old charm will definitely come back. People will again start to show some interest in the test matches.

There were different suggestions given by the players, in order to save the test cricket. One player suggested that the test matches should be played day and night. This idea would definitely work, as everyone will get to see something new and, the audiences will come to see the match as well. I too find this idea interesting, as introducing something new to the test cricket, will definitely work in the modern era. With the increasing popularity of Twenty Twenty cricket, something should be done to stop the test cricket from fading. The ball, that is used in the test matches, should also be changed. Bringing new ideas in the test cricket will definitely work out well.

What is your opinion on this one? Do you also feel that the charm of test cricket is getting lost somewhere? Do you feel introducing new things in the test cricket, will save it from fading? These are the quesions, that are arising in the minds of all the cricket lovers around the globe. I really hope that the charm of test cricket never ends and, we get to see more number of test matches in a year.

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