King Kohli Surpasses 500-runs in the Ind-Eng bilateral seris 2018

Virat Kohli has once again dominated with the bat in the Test series against England.

India cricket captain Virat Kohli has once again come good with the bat in England. He has scored his tour-best 149 in the first Test at Birmingham. There has been no drop in form since then.

The India-England cricket series 2018 is currently underway. India is on a tour of Ireland and England. With the series coming to an end in a few days, there are a few performances that need a mention from the Indian point of view. And this time it's again King Kohli - Virat Kohli. By the fourth Test, Kohli has already gone past the 500-run mark. His scores are 149 and 51 in the first test.

23 and 17 runs in the second. 97 and 103 runs in the third test. Kohli has scored 46 runs in the first innings of the fourth Test.

It has happened on two occasions in this series that Kohli has managed to score exactly 200 runs in the same test. In the first Test, it was the score of 149 runs and Kohli needed 51 to make it to 200 and he scored exactly 51 runs. Kohli was the highest scorer in the Test with his 149 and the highest score for India in the second innings. However, Kohli's heroics couldn't take India past the winning total to lose by just 31 runs.

Rain played spoilsport in the second Test. There was no doubt that the batting conditions were difficult. And it was not easy even for the English players to bat. Speaking about Kohli, he scored only 23 and 17 runs in this Test. With a mainstay like Kohli not able to perform well, there was no doubt that things were going to be difficult for India, who lost the Test by 159 runs.

India was 0-2 now. The third Test had to be won by India or it was England clinching the series. Batting first India scored 329 runs. The way the great Sachin Tendulkar missed out on a number of occasions to get to either a century or a half-century, the same is happening with Kohli. In the first innings, Kohli scored 97 runs and missed on a century. However, he came back more strongly to score 103 runs. And this is how he got 200 runs in this Test too.

The fourth Test that India lost to England yesterday, Kohli came good with the bat again. He got 46 and 58 runs in both innings. A total of 104 runs. However, those 58 runs weren't enough to guide India to the victory. India only needed 245 runs, but lost the match by 60 runs.

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A good article on India's ongoing tour of England. Now India is playing the fifth test although the series has already been decided in England's favour. So far as India's batting is concerned, only Captain Kohli has been consistently successful in this tour. No other Indian batsman has scored runs consistently in this tour. Kohli, by his stellar performance with the bat, has erased the bad memories of his earlier disastrous performance during the 2012 England tour.


That's right. If you count his total, he has already gone past 600 runs, if I am not wrong. And this puts him even ahead of Sir Don for a specific record, which I don't remember (I had seen the stats during the commentary). And I think, it's that of scoring the most runs as a captain. In the first innings, he got out for 49 :( :(


Shutting the mouths of haters he always crosses every framed limits of expectations.....king Kohli for a reason...


Rightly said, Nishant. And what you can realize from a few recent scores of Virat is that he is in line with the great Sachin Tendulkar. The way Tendulkar missed out numerous 100-making opportunities, the same is happening with Virat too. Missing either a 100 or a 50.