9 Great Footballers

This is a list 9 of of the greatest Footballers in the history of the game. Read about them here.

Pele is the most popular footballer the world has ever seen. He is called the black pearl of Brazil. He debuted in 1956 for Brazil. He helped his country win three world cups. He holds record for highest number of goals with 1281 from 1363 matches.

Boby Charlton

He was one of the greatest players from England. He played for Manchester United.

He was the member of the 1966 world cup winning English team. He won that year's award for the Best European Footballer.

Diego Maradona

He is considered the greatest footballer since Pele. The Argentinian player made his international debut against Hungary in 1977. He led his team to vicctory in the 1986 world cup. One of his goals against England in Quarter final, was selected as the 'Goal of the Century' in a poll. He has played for Boca Juniors, Barcelona and Napoli.


Eusebio was the most popular player. He was acutally born in Mozambique. He started his career in Sporting Lisbon. He debuted for Portugal in 1961. In 1965, the was selected as the European Footballer of the Year. In the world cup next year, he scored 9 goals, becoming the top scorer of the tournament.

Franz Becanbauer

Becanbauer is the only person to have won the world cup both as a captain and a manager. He was the captain of Germany when they won the world cup of 1974. In 1990, he helped the team led by Lother Matheus to win the cup. He has played more than 100 matches.

Michel Platini

Platini was one of the greatest players of France. He debuted for his country in 1976 Olympics. In 1982 world cup, Platini was the man of the match in the semi final against Spain although they lost. He led France to victory in 1984 Euro Cup. He has won the Ballon d'Or award three times in a row.


Known as 'White Pele', his real name is Arthur Coimbra. He was one of the greatest experts of set pieces. He made his international debut in 1975 against Uruguay. In his first match itself, he scored a goal through a curved free-kick. He has played only in 1982 world cup.

Lother Matheus

He has played the most number of games in world cup. He holds the record for leading Germany in most number of games in world cup and he led his team to victory in 1990 tournament. He served as a striker, a playmaker and a defender.

Pollo Rossi

He was the legendary footballer from Italy. He was bought by Perucia club for record amount then. He played in 1982 world cup and became the top scorer with 6 goals. He retired at the age of 29.

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