India-Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cups So Far

The ICC World Cup 2015 is just round the corner. And one of the most eagerly awaited matches is the match between India and Pakistan. The two teams played each other in World Cup five times before this. This will be the sixth incident when these two teams play each other in an ICC world event.

The two neighboring arch rivals faced each other five times. And it was India who came out victorious on every occasion. This was a certainly very soothing feeling for all the Indian cricket fans. However, things aren’t the same always. Here, we take a look at the previous three matches that the two teams played.

Third India Pakistan World Cup match

The third match was played at Old Trafford, Manchester. It was the Super Sixes match.

Super Sixes was one of the rounds in that World Cup. India won the match by 47 runs. India had scored 227 runs batting first and bowled Pakistan out for just 180 runs. Venkatesh Prasad was the man of the match in this match.

It was due to his bowling efforts that India could win this match. Prasad bowled a deadly spell of 9.3 overs with two overs being maiden. Giving away just 27 runs, he got 5 wickets.

Fourth India Pakistan World Cup match

The win in the fourth match for India, was one of those wins that India will not forget even after so many days. Even after setting a target of 274 runs, India cruised to victory. However, at one stage it looked difficult for India to score a win in this game.

But with Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj Singh at the crease, they turned the game on its head after a rollicking start given by none other than Sachin Tendulkar. In exactly 18 overs, they put on 99 runs and won the game with 26 balls to spare.

Tendulkar scored 98 runs at the top of the innings to win yet another World Cup game for India and also the man of the award for himself.

Fifth India Pakistan World Cup match

The last time the two teams met was in Mohali. It was a sort of World Cup finals as temperatures were at its peak. Both teams wanted a win, not just for advancing to the WC finals, but neither of them wanted to lose to the other team. Such was the eagerness to win that there were even talks about the teams admitting a World Cup loss in the finals, but not losing to the other side.

Tendulkar scored yet another influential knock of 85 runs and another WC MoM award.

But now that Sachin Tendulkar isn’t in the Indian team, it will be the first such instance where India will try to keep their record clean against Pakistan in World Cup.

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In this world cup also we able to beat the Pakistan with ease and record is still exist that they don't able to beat us in WC. So far India is going good, and Pakistan still have hopes to be in tournament. It will be great to see them again playing in this same World cup.


Oh my god... I know I am far too late to respond to this reply - more than 2 years. But as cricket is my passion and it's close to me, I am still equally enthusiastic in replying the way I was when I wrote this article. Anyway, yes, India does have a better record against Pakistan in the World Cups, though things have changed a bit in the past two years when India lost to Pakistan in an ICC tournament. It was the Champions Trophy loss what will hurt, of course.


that is quite interesting, the match between the two is like the battle on the grounds where the soldiers are all ready to svea fight with them.


Yes, India Pakistan match is always a great affair. India has kep their slate clean and the Indian fans will certainly want to continue it that way.