Kerala Blasters Enter Semi Finals of Indian Super League

Kerala Blasters defeated FC Pune to enter the semi finals of Indian Super League football. Read more of the story here.

Holding more than 44,000 fans to witness it, Kerala Blasters entered the semi finals of Hero Indian Super League on Tuesday. The team owned by Master Blaster of Indian Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, ensured their place in the final four when they beat Pune FC for 1-0 in their final league match. Iain Hume, the Canadian striker of Blasters was the architect of the single goal in the match. He was also selected as the Hero of the Match.

However, the game was not one-sided as the score board indicates. If anything, it was Pune who controlled the match most of the time but luck was not on their side this time.

From the beginning, Pune started their attacks to the Kerala box whereas the Kerala players appeared to be a disorganised herd of sheep. After the many attackes of Pune, the Kerala fans got a moment to cheer when Iain Hume did an attack to the Pune box.

A foul opened a chance for the Blasters. And Hume himself satisfied the Kerala fans when he turned the free-kick to a beautiful goal. It was his fourth goal and the first goal of Kerala Blasters from a set-piece in this league.

However, the goal didn't encourage the Blasters to do more. They still lacked co-ordination and the totally poor performance by Milagres Gonsalves didn't make things easier.

Pune on the other hand was well composed and executed their plans well. Unfortunately, they didn't find their target, thanks to one man; Sandip Nandy. Even though it was Hume who was adjudged to be the hero of the match, a large portion of the credit goes to this goal keeper from Bengal. His amazing performance was what saved Kerala Blasters from a certain defeat. After even affected with an injury, he showed astounding determination under the crossbar and saved every shots the Pune players shot. He was the real hero for the fans.

Kerala Blasters has now 19 points from 14 matches. They are placed in the third position now. Their semi opponents will be decided in the match between Athletico de Kolkata and FC Goa. If Goa wins, they will be the opponents of Blasters and if the match ends in a draw or Kolkata wins, Chennai will be their challengers. In any case, the Kerala Blasters will have to give their hundred percent if they are going to have a chance. Both Chennai and Goa are stronger than Blasters and they will have to shed enough sweat to win the game. The semis will have two legs, one at the homeground of each team.

Kerala Blasters' hopes lie on Hume, Pearson and Nandy. Nobody else showcase consistent performances, a matter which has become a headache for both the team and fans. There will be no margin for error in the semis, and let us hope the Blasters will blast!

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