Major Cricket Tournaments in India

India is one of the strongest Cricket teams in the world. The nation has many domestic tournaments to promote the sport. Read about them here.
Ranji Trophy

Ranji Trophy is the major first class tournament in India. It was established in 1934. The trophy is named after Ranjit Singhji and was donated by his nephew, the Maharaja of Patiala. A team representing each state in India take part in the tournament. The matches are in test format and if a match becomes draw, the first innings lead is considered. Mumbai is the team that have won the trophy most number of times.

Irani Trophy

The Irani Trophy was instituted in 1960s.

The tournament consists of only one game, between the champions of Ranji Trophy and the 'Rest of India' team. The trophy is named after ZR Irani, former treasurer of BCCI.

Duleep Trophy

This trophy is named after Duleep Singhji. It was instituted in 1961. The teams representing five zones (central, north, south, west and east) compete in the tournament.

Devdhar Trophy

It is instituted in the memory of Prof. DB Devdhar. It is one of the major one day tournaments in India. It was started in 1973. The comptetion is among the teams from five zones.

CK Naidu Trophy

It is named after the first Indian Cricket team captain, CK Naidu. It is a One Day tournament for the under-19 teams.

Vissy Trophy

This tournament was founded in 1966. It is named after Vijay Anand, the former Maharaj of Visiyanagara and the president of BCCI. It is a competition among university teams.

Challenger Trophy

The NKP Salve Challenger Trophy is a One Day tournament established in 1994. The trophy is named after former BCCI president NKP Salve. The tournament consists of three teams, India Blue, India Green and India Red, composed of India's best 36 players.

Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League is the most popular domestic tournament in India and the largest professional cricket league in the world. The T20 tournament was established in 2008. The competition is among privately owned clubs representing major cities in India. Rajasthan Royals were the first champions of the tournament. Chennai Super Kings is the team that have won the trophy most number of times. Many international players play for the IPL franchises.

Vijay Hazare Trophy

The Vijay Hazare Trophy, also known as the Ranji One Day Trophy, was established in 2002. It is a limited overs tournament among Ranji Trophy teams. The trophy is named after former Indian player Vijay Hazare. Tamil Nadu has won the championship most number of times.

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