No. 1 Top Scorer of Peru in FIFA World Cup

Meet the other unsung brilliant soccer player of FIFA World Cup.

Peru was also one of the thirteen countries who had been part of the kick off of the most dreamed soccer tournament which football players wanted to be part of, FIFA World Cup in the year 1930. Peru, then, was one of two countries on their group during the launching of World Cup who had experienced the whip of the champion country, Uruguay, with a final score of 4-0 on their match in the first round of the year of World Cup. The highest achievement made by this national team in the history of World Cup was when they reached the quarterfinal round of the 1970 FIFA World Cup.

Though with many frustration came along their way on aiming for the championship title, another thing that this Peruvian National Football Team could be proud of is their player who had been one of the top scorers of FIFA World Cup in the person of Teofilo Juan Cubillas Arizaga or Teofilo Cubillas.

In his three appearances in the most eminent World Cup in the year 1970, 1978 and 1982 FIFA World Cup, this attacking midfielder of Peru had booted in a total of ten goals in his experiences on the world stage.

For the first time appearing on World Cup, Teofilo had already put in the half of his scoring record in the 1970 FIFA World Cup. His first goal was noted in the 73rd minute of their match against Bulgarian team leading his team with a winning score of 3-2. Two of the three goals of Peru against their opponent Morocco were logged down in World Cup account during the 65th and 75th minutes of the match bringing his team with a secure score of 3-0 in the first round of the tournament.

Losing to a German team, Cubillas had put in the only goal for their team in 44th minute of the match with a final score of 3-1.  In the 69th minute of their match against Brazil in the same round of the 1970 FIFA World Cup, this forward player had also scored the one of the insufficient two goals of their team to defeat the Brazilian team losing in the final score of 4-2.

The other half record of this forward player in the scorebook of World Cup had witnessed slipping in the reach of the goalkeepers in the first round of the 1978 tournament. Two against Scotland and three counter Iranian team.

Aside from FIFA World Cup, the brilliant football skill of Teofilo Cubillas had witnessed on the different soccer club he had played with.

After his playing career, he switched to coaching career in which he had managed the soccer club Alianza Lima.

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