FIBA World Cup Team Stat: Spain

Not only on football but also in basketball.

Aside from one of the culminating points of world’s famous professional football players and home of the toughest football clubs in the world, Spain, talking about the other most played sport with smaller court, basketball, does indeed prove that they really have the guts to go head-to-head with the other countries who are also aiming to bag home this season’s FIBA World Cup title as they are not only contented for being qualified as the host country and also securing the 3rd spot in the FIBA EuroBasket 2013. The said instance had given the seventh ranked national basketball team, Serbia, of their division’s FIBA Qualifying Cup to be enlisted to 24-country basketball world cup collision starting this month’s end.

This period’s World Cup will be the 12th appearance of Spain National Basketball Team who also hung in their neck the silver position in the FIBA World Ranking. Their last championship title was the 2006 World Cup. Being qualified, Spanish players will be expecting to showcase their dribbling and shooting might with their game plays against the five countries, Serbia, France, Egypt, Brazil and Iran on Group A for the FIBA World Cup Group Qualification.

The first day of the competition, August 30, Spain will be clashing against the FIBA Asia Championship Qualification no. 1 team, Iran. Followed by the bout against the qualified African team, Egypt in the second day, August 31.

For Spain to secure their place on the next round of the tournament, they will continue to face and must win all the matches against the remaining countries on their group, Brazil, France and Serbia.

In-charge of establishing plays inside the court is their floor generals, Ricky Rubio who also played for Minnesota Timberwolves in the National Basketball Association (NBA) League, Sergio Rodriguez and Jose Calderon.

Picked as national team’s offensive-defensive players of Spain are Pau Ribas, Dani Diez, Rudy Fernandez, Serge Ibaka, Felipe Reyes and Sergio Lull.

And to conquer inside perimeters, lofty Guillermo Hernangomez will be ordered to tower over rival team players and make missed shots safe for the team.

Managing and directing over-all team plays will be assigned to decisive coach Juan Antonio Orenga Forcada.

Billion fans around the world are now impatiently waiting the tip-off day of the world basketball war.

For another moment, every citizen of every qualified country will once unite to show their support and wanting for their national team to take home the trophy. And for Spain, there will be only one challenge which their country people hope for, to be number one.

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