Germany, Brazil, France and Spain have chances to lift FIFA world cup 2018

Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, England and Argentina are the best teams.

Germany, Brazil, France and Spain have chances to lift FIFA world cup 2018
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The 2018 FIFA World Cup is beginning in June, 2018. Germany, France, Brazil, Spain are favourites to lift the world cup.

The FIFA World Cup Soccer will begin in June, 2018. France, Germany, Spain and Brazil are the favourites for the tournament. If any other team lifts the world it will be a surprise. France won the world cup once, Germany won it 4 times, Spain won it once, Brazil won it 5 times.

France is in Group C along with the teams Australia, Peru and Denmark. France has a strong team with Griezmann, Mbappe, Fakir, Giroud in the forward line. The midfield of France is equally strong with fast players Pogba, Tolliso, Kante in the team.

The defence of France has not been tested although Varane, Hernandez are big names. The group of France is easy one.

Germany is the previous champion of 2014 and the team had won the  trophy 4 times. Germany is in Group F with Mexico, Sweden, South Korea . The forward line of Germany is strong with Gomez, Muller, Reus, Werner in the team. The midfield is also strong with Draxler, Tony Kroos, Khedira. Ozil has injury but if he is fit he will really make an impact. The defence of Germany is conceding lot of goals so a doubtful area. If Hummels, Boateng, Kimmick do well then only Germany has a chance going to the semifinals. Germany is in group F which is a difficult group. Mexico and Sweden in the past had created upsets and Germany has to play their best football to sustain in the World Cup.

Spain won the World cup once. They are in group B along with Morocco, Portugal and Iran. The forward line of Spain is strong with Aspas, Rodrigo and Costa in the squad. The mid field is average but Iniesta, David Silva and Koke are big names. The defence of Spain is good with Ramos, Fernandez and Alba in the side. If Spain can defeat Portugal in the group then no one can stop them from going to Semi-finals.

Brazil won the world cup 5 times and they remain favourite in all the world cups. They are in a weak group E, with Costa Rica, Serbia and Switzerland none of the teams having any capability of giving Brazil any contest. The forward line of Brazil is good with Neimar, Jesus, Costa being sharp and fast. The mid field is also good with Augusto, Paulinho, Fred being big names. The defence of Brazil is a weak zone but Miranda, Marcilo, Luis are big names. Brazil has every chance of going to the finals.

The other strong teams in the World cup include England, Belgium and Argentina. Argentina depend heavily on Lionel Messi. Aguero and Higuain are the other talented players in the team.

England depend heavily on Harry Kane, Rashford and Sterling. If they can give early start, England can survive in the World Cup. England is in the group of death and Belgium, Tunisia and Panama are capable of creating upsets.

Belgium is the underdogs of FIFA World Cup 2018. Most of their players like Kompany, Brune, Lukaku are world stars. The only reason experts don’t conside Belgium beyond Semi-finals is doing to their lack of experience.

Morocco depends on Hakim Ziyeck. Iran is dependent on striker Sardar Azmoun. South Korea is heavily dependent on striker Hwang Hee Chan. The new talent of Belgium includes Leander Dendoncker. Portugal is dependent on Christian Ronaldo.

Panama bank their resources on the player Luis Tejada. He is 36 years old but have a lot of experience. Poland depend a lot on Karol Linetty. Egypt is dependent on Trezeguet. Costa Rica is dependent on Marco Urena. Croatia is dependent on Tin Jedvaj.

Denmark is optimistic with their star striker Nicolai Jorgensen. Iceland is dependent on Finnbogason. Nigeria is dependent on Etebo.

The African teams which can create upsets and can even go to the Quarter final includes Nigeria and Tunisia. Previously Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal went to the Quarter finals. None of the African teams went to the semi-finals. If Nigeria, Egypt or Tunisia can do it there will be surprises.

Among the Asian teams only South Korea went to the semi-finals in 2002 and North Korea went to the Quarter finals in 1966. There is a lot of hope with Japan. But it is in a difficult group and has less chance of going to the quarter finals.

Miroslav Klose of Germany has the record of scoring 16 goals in World cups which is the highest number of goals by one single player. In this world cup if any player breaks that record it will be great.

Spectators want some competition from the North American, Central American and Asian countries. Although Mexico went to the Quarter finals of both 1970 World cup and 1986 world cup rest of the teams of Central and North America never created challenge to the European sides or South American sides. Only Costa Rica went to the quarter finals in 2014 world cup.

The more the less known teams qualify in quarter finals, the more the competition opens up. Presently there is a trend that only Brazil and Argentina from South America and England, France, Spain from Europe can lift the trophy. It has been a story of 5 teams in the world cup. Spectators also see the same teams win the trophy or end up as runners.

It is amazing the players from Africa, North America, Oceania, Asia play in the European Leagues and play in renowned teams like Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc. Yet at the FIFA world cup level they never put up great show.

While South American teams like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay depend on short passes and dribbling, European teams like England, France, Germany depend on long passes and aerial balls.

Everyone across the world is excited about the World cup. If any team other than Germany, France, Spain or Brazil wins the World cup 2018  it will be upset. But it will create a trend that the world cup soccer day by day is becoming very competitive and exciting.

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