Mumbai Indians for the first time defeated Kings XI Eleven Punjab.

The article speaks about the heroism of batsmen of Mumbai Indians who chased 168 runs and defeated Kings Eleven Punjab in IPL 2014 on 3rd May, 2014.

Mumbai Indians for the first time won a match in IPL 2014 on 3rd May, 2014. It was very surprising. Not only that Mumbai Indians had defeated Kings Eleven Punjab, they are the first team in IPL 2014 who did that.


Kings Eleven Punjab did score a good total. They scored 168 runs in the allotted 20 overs. On 3rd May, 2014, there was no Maxwell storm in that sense. Maxwell scored 45 runs in 27 balls with 5 boundaries and two over-boundaries.

Wriddhiman Saha scored 59 runs. But the other batsmen failed. Sehwag scored 1 run, Pujara got out for 19 runs, Bailey scored 15 runs and Miller scored 16 runs. The decision of sending Miller after Bailey was also a wrong decision.


But the bowling of Kings Eleven Punjab did not click at all. For Mumbai Indians, Gautam scored 33 runs, Rohit Sharma scored 39 runs. Anderson scored 25 runs and Pollard remained unbeaten on 28 runs. The problem of Kings Eleven Punjab hand been the bowling. Previously it was seen that the bowlers were not put to test because the brilliant batting of Maxwell took the scores to 180 to 190 runs. So the pressure that was created by the batsmen helped the bowlers to get away with ordinary bowling.


The first time, the batsmen did not do a good job, the bowlers fell flat. Balaji gave 38 runs in 4 overs and got a wicket. Mitchele Johnson gave 37 runs in 4 overs. Patel gave 40 runs in 4 overs. Besides the bowling of Kings Eleven Punjab lack variety. There are no clever spinners in the team like Sunil Narine or Piyush Chawla. As far as the fast bowlers are concerned, although Dale Steyn had been very successful in IPL 2014, Mitchelle Johnson had gone for runs in the tournament. Neither his Yorkers are working nor his bouncers. He is even failing to create any fear in the minds of the batsmen the way Malinga does.


It has been a welcome result by Mumbai’s win. It had opened up the tournament. Mumbai Indians have good bowling attack with Zaheer Khan, Harhajan Singh and Malinga. In IPL 2014, their batsmen had always led them down.


In the match on 3rd May, as the batsman did well, Mumbai Indians fought back and with big hits of Pollard it is looking like Mumbai Indians have the fire power to face big teams like Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.


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