Shonali Nagrani - The beautiful cricket host

Shonali Nagrani dazzels as a cricket host

The advent of lady hosts and commentators like Shonali Nagrani, Archana Vijaya and Rochelle Rao have put in the glamor to the already favorite sport of cricket in India.

The ICC WT20 is finally over with West Indies winning the title for the second time. And we are well within the middle of IPL. All the excitement is now over, which in fact was when India lost their match to the current World Champs. However, the one thing that remained kind of attraction was one of the female hosts Shonali Nagrani. Actually, she was the only female host. There is no doubt that she carries all the glamour with her that gives her a big plus to her personality.

Having an attractive host like Shonali is certainly going to give any show a getup.

And she surely gave it. In the run up to the World Cup, there were many shows where she interviewed many cricketers from around the world. And mind you, it’s not just the glamour of that lady; she is equally talented as well. Have you ever observed her how effectively she speaks out the details of a match and discusses the ins and outs?

Shonali Nagrani has been in the entertainment field for many years now. She is an able TV presenter, as we all know now. The lady in her mid-thirties now has also done some films in Hindi. With her graceful gestures and the subject knowledge, she is certainly here to rule.

IPL also saw another beauty in the form of Archana Vijaya. With her bold and gorgeous looks she took everyone by storm. Archana Vijaya was seen in a saree on many occasions those days and she indeed look pretty beautiful. In those days, it was said that ‘Archana Vijaya was the best thing to happen to IPL’. And she was aptly fit for that role. She was very enthusiastic in her approach. Her smiling face all the time and her body language were very appealing.

Karishma Kotak was also roped in the ensuing season. However, the lady was really no match for Archana I am sure we also remember Mandira Bedi, who also made her mark among all the other male commentators during the World Cup a few years back.

Cricket and glamour has always gone hand in hand in India. Bollywood and cricket have been two very popular subjects for the Indian fans. And this has been proved many times in the past. All in all, IPL has seen female hosts like Shonali Nagrani, Archana Vijaya, Karishma Kotak and Mandira Bedi have all piled up glamour. Let’s hope cricket prevails over the glamor. After all, we are all enjoying due to cricket, isn’t it?

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