10 Odd Records in Cricket

Some Interesting Records in Cricket That You Do Not Know

10 Odd Records in Cricket
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The history of cricket is so old that it is almost impossible to know everything about cricket. Outside the field on the cricket field and some deliberately, there were many things in some unknowns which would not be known to everyone. Let us have a look at 10 interesting records made in the history of cricket.

1- Do you know that from the first Test played in 1877, only one batsman can score six runs on the first ball of the Test match. Yes, there is only one batsman and that is the West Indian middle-order batsman Chris Gayle. Known for his tremendous batting, Chris Gayle hit a six on the first ball of the match against Bangladesh in 2012.

2- Sir Don Bradman, who is called the greatest batsman of cricket, has hit only once in Test cricket, and he has got the record of hit wicket-taker in the name of Indian player Lala Amarnath. This was done in the Brisbane Test played in 1948 in Lala Amarnath.

3- Don Bradman is considered to be the greatest batsman of cricket, but he does not know how many records he has, but one thing you probably do not know is that this great batsman of Test cricket has just hit six sixes in the entire Test career.

4- India is the only team to win 60 overs, 50 overs, and T-20 World Cup. The matches were 60 overs in the 1983 World Cup, while the 2011 World Cup was 50 overs, in 2007, India won the first T20 World Cup and won the unique record.

5- England's wicket-keeper batsman Alec Stewart has a unique record, he was born on 8-4-63 and he scored 8463 runs in Test matches for England.

6- Every batsman has a batting order in cricket but do you know the South African batsman Lance Klusener, Pakistani batsman Shoaib Malik and Abdul Razzaq and Sri Lankan batsman Hassan Tillakaratne have batted on every order for their respective teams. These batsmen have batted from number one to number ten.

7- There is also a double century in Test matches, named Pakistani leg-spinner Wasim Akram, who is known as the Sultan of swing in cricket.

Akram batted at number eight against Zimbabwe in 1996 and scored 257 * in this unique record by playing his innings.

8- The fifth Test between England and South Africa lasted 10 days in 1939. The most interesting thing was that there was no result of this test match lasted for 10 days. In the last innings, England had the target of 696 runs to win, England was on 654 for nine, losing 5 wickets on a ninth day, the England team needed to catch their pins for the return to England, due to which the match remained unchanged.

9- Irfan Pathan is the first bowler to hit a hat-trick in the first over of the Test match. Pathan showed this feat by dismissing Salman Butt, Younis Khan and Mohammad Yusuf on the fourth, fifth and sixth ball of the match in the 2006 Karachi Test match.

10- The record of taking the most wickets in a Test is named after England off-spinner Jim Laker. Jim Laker had taken 19 wickets in a match against Australia. Taking this feat by taking 9 wickets in the first innings of the match played at Old Trafford in 1956 and taking 10 wickets in the second innings.

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Cricket has always been an odd game for me, probably because I am American and do not understand it at all. It is not played here much and every time I tried to understand it I did not have a knowledgeable teacher. I hear this is a popular sport in many countries and has not really grown here in the states. It has not become an olympic sport that I know of.


I appreciate your interest in cricket and the info you have given here. Congrats.


There have been many other players having batted for 10 positions. They include: Ravi Shastri(IND), Nasim-ul-Ghani(PAK) and, three others: Syd Gregory(AUS), Wilfred Rhodes(ENG) and Vinoo Mankad(IND) have played at all 11 positions. These legends did it before those whom you've mentioned. You could at-least mention these names with them.


Chris Gayle is a middle-order batsman? Sorry mate, we all know he comes rocking to open the innings and leaves the opposition with little choice of bowling when the Gayle storm takes over. Anyway, it was a nice read!