Top 10 Football World Cup Controversies of All Time

10 Controversies Associated With Football World Cups

Top 10 Football World Cup Controversies of All Time
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Twenty football world cups have been held till now. Many events and accidents happened in the world cup. Some incidents have arisen in the dispute which has not yet settled. 10 most controversial football world cup incidents are mentioned here.

Football is the most watched sporting event throughout the world. The energy this game yields often leads to many incidents on and off the field. Here are 10 most important controversies that happened in the Football World Cup till date. These football controversies or incidents are only related to world cups only. We have not covered other football related controversies in this article. 

Controversy 1

In the 1954 world cup, the match between Brazil vs. Hungary became a battlefield. In the history of the world cup, the match was known as the “Battle of Berne”.

A lot of fouls, beatings, and elbow charges made the match horrible. While returning to the dressing room, the players of the two team’s attacked each other. FIFA did not face it with a rigid hand. No footballer was punished. 

Controversy 2 

When the 1970 world cup was going on, the terrible earthquake was held in Peru. Despite this, Peruvian footballers decided to continue playing. But unfortunately, valuables were stolen from their hotel rooms. Peruvian footballers had become helpless for stealing their valuable treasures worth millions of dollars.

Controversy 3 

A vascular incident occurred in 1966 world cup. The Jules Rimet trophy was stolen before the start of the world cup. With this incident FIFA was very upset. But for some unknown reasons, thieves packed trophy in paper and left it in the bush. Finally, the trophy finds a dog named Pickles. 

Controversy 4

Germany still believes that they did not lose in the 1966 final, they were forced to lose. They thought that Geoffrey Hurst’s second goal was not exceeded the goal line. The German players surrounded the referee when the referee signaled the goal for England. The discussion continues until today about that controversial goal. 

Controversy 5 

An incident between the Mexico vs. El Salvador match in the 1970 world cup has been a surprise witness. Egyptian referee Hussein Kandhil gave a free kick to El Salvador but Mexican footballer Perez passed the ball to fellow teammate Padilla. Valdivia scored a goal from the pass of Padilla. There was no result by protesting. Note that this world cup held in Mexico. 

Controversy 6 

There was a match between El Salvador and Honduras during the 1970 world cup qualifying round. Within 24 hours of the end of the match, the war started between these two neighboring countries. Three days later war was stopped. Three thousand people died in this war. 

Controversy 7 

Before the final match was played between Uruguay and Argentina in 1930 world cup, different problem started. Both teams demanded that, the match will play with their balls. What can be done? Finally, the problem was settled by the referee John Langenus’s intelligence. He said that, the match will be played with the ball of both teams divided by two halves. 

Controversy 8 

In the 1982 Spain world cup, there was a lot of noise in the final ten minutes of the match between France vs. Kuwait. The source of noise was a whistle. When France was going to make their fourth goal, at that time a spectator sitting on the back of the goal played a whistle. The Kuwaiti defenders stood listening to the whistle, at that opportunity; France’s Giores scored the goal. Kuwait footballers were protested against this goal. Referee canceled the goal. As a result, the atmosphere of the match became heated. The match was off for eight minutes. 

Controversy 9 

In the 1966 world cup, Italy lost 0-1 to North korea. When the Italian team landing at Milan airport, they were facing a lot of protests from citizen. Football crazy people were attacked footballers with rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes, bricks, stones, etc. World-famous side back Giacinto Facchetti was going to the public. He was sincerely apologizing to the people. It worked. Football crazy people became calm.   


After winning the world cup three times, Brazilians Jules Rimet trophy was taken to the country forever. This trophy was locked in Brazilian football federation office locker room. But it was stolen forever. The trophy could not be retrieved.

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