Germany stormed into World Cup Soccer Quarter-finals 2014.

The article speaks about the entertaining football Germany had presented in the 2nd round match to find themselves in the Quarter-finals of the World Cup 2014.

There are certain nations in World Cup who play attractive football and at the same time maintain the winning zeal. Germany is one of those teams. Certain soccer experts say that Germany starts their world cup from the Semi-finals. Reasons are very obvious. They had been to the semi-finals of FIFA World cup the maximum number of times. And the list of legends of Germany just goes on and on.

Right from Beckenbower to Carl Rumenigge to Klinsman to Mathews to Muller. The list continues.


In 2014 Germany had been the most fascinating team playing World Cup in Brazil. They had been the time who had attacked the most, maintained ball possession the most, and also scored huge number of goals. Against Portugal they have scored 4 goals. Against Ghana they had scored 1 goal. Against USA they have scored 1 goal. Against Algeria they have scored 2 goals. So 8 goals in 4 matches tells the story.


In the 2nd round match played on 30th July, 2014, they have scored 2 goals and conceded 1. They defeated Algeria with the score 2 to 1. Schurrle scored the goal for Algeria. Ozil equalized at the end of the extra-time and finally Djabou scored the winning goal to see Germany safe enough for the world cup.


Miroslav Klose has 15 goals and is at the verge of breaking the record of Brazil’s Ronaldo in scoring maximum number of goals in FIFA world cup finals. He has the chance of breaking the record in the quarter finals versus France. Muller has scored 4 goals in this tournament. If he can score 2 more goals he can win the golden boot in this world cup.


Germany’s only worry is the unorganized defence. During the days of Brehme and Augenthaler, the German defence used to be as strong as Chinese wall. These days the defence has shown weaknesses. In 4 matches, Germany had conceded 3 goals which is not a good sign. Goal-keeper Neuer had not made great saves in this World cup.


At the same time German lack the great scoring capability from free-kicks which Lothar Mathews and Thomas Haeslar were famous for. One of the reasons why football lovers want Germany to go to the final is because Germany can balance the Latin American style of football with its tough European style. Brazil and Argentina are the biggest rivals of Germany. They will start favourites against France in the Quarter-finals.

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