Luis Felipe Suarez handed four-month ban from football

Sporadic incidents of injuries are common in team games, especially in games like hockey, cricket and football. We have had a couple of such in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil so far. One is about Luis Felipe Suarez and the other about Neymar’s injury.

Uruguay footballer Luis Felipe Suarez has been handed a ban of nine international matches as well as four-month ban from all kind of football matches. This penalty came after his infamous biting incident in the match between Uruguay and Italy. Luis Felipe Suarez, the Uruguay forward supposedly bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

This means Luis will no longer be the part of the Uruguay team in their remaining encounters in this FIFA World Cup 2014, which is currently underway in Brazil. This incident took place on last Tuesday when Uruguay was playing Italy their last group match.

Uruguay, however, defeated Italy in this match 1-0 to progress forward in the world tourney.

The developments on the ban on Luis Suarez were confirmed by FIFA in Rio de Janeiro during the briefing. The Uruguay player has also been financially fined 100,000 Swiss francs, which amounts to a tad less than £66,000.

The international ban means, he will no longer feature in the rest of the World Cup. The four-month ban will also cost Luis his club games that he plays for Liverpool.

But the forward player along with Uruguay FA is very much open to appealing against the ban.

But that doesn’t mean he will be able to play competitive football. Even if the appeal is challenged, Luis Suarez will still have to sit out of the games and will merely remain a spectator. That’s not all; Luis Suarez will also be not able to don any administrative post as well.

As Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has been banned from entering the Wankhede stadium for a period of five years, Luis Suarez has also been disallowed from entering any stadium. The Uruguay forward will not be able to even enter the confines of any stadium as long as the ban is in place.

It must be mentioned that the biting incident is not the first in the career of Luis Suarez. In fact, he has a history of being involved in such types of unsportsman-like behavior in the past too. A strict disciplinary action is what is required in such cases in all types of sports to keep the game above every individual.

Neymar’s injury is more serious, which came during the game between Brazil and Columbia. Juan Zuniga knee was planted in the back of Neymar during a tackle. The injury was so serious and the impact was so solid that he got a fractured vertebra. He will not be able to play in the rest of the tournament.

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