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In the ongoing FIFA World Cup, we will see ‘goal technology’ that will help in determining if the ball has crossed the goal line. So, no confusion, but only clear results.

Technology has played a major part in the life of humans. Be it communicating or earning a living. Even the entertainment part hasn’t remained aloof from these changes. The big and the small screen – both entertain us and so do various sports and games.

We have already seen technology being successfully used in cricket matches to take various calls or to determine if the ball is ‘in’ or ‘out’ in tennis matches. The hawk eye is a prominent technology used in such sports. And for the first time, we will see something in football too.

The Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil will hardly give any wrong results as far as making goals is concerned – thanks to a technology in place now.

There will be no confusion or second thoughts if a goal is scored or not or if the ball has crossed the line. At times there is a very thin line between a goal being scored or not. However, thankfully this will not happen this time around.

This will be the first FIFA World Cup where technology will be used to determine if goals have been scored. The official balls, which will be used, will have small chips fitted inside them. As and when the ball crosses the goal line, the referee will immediately come to know about it. This will avoid confusion over decisions and there will be no subjectivity.

When the ball crosses the goal line, a magnetic field will be created around it. It will send signals to the referees that the ball has gone past the line. So, there will be no chances of cheating or second opinion. Once a goal is scored, it’s scored and the decision can be made within a fraction of a second.

This will also save a lot of time and more importantly the confusion over the scores. The outcome of the matches will not have to depend on any individual or a group of people crying foul.

It is vital that the technology is used at various levels all over the world and for all the sports possible. Humans are prone to making mistakes, but machines can’t. The right results will also help in keeping the spirit of the game intact as well.

As the tournament progresses in the next rounds where decisions can decide the team’s fortunes, having such systems in place is very crucial. After all, technology is also for our entertainment along with sports.

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