Germany stormed into FIFA World Cup 2014 Quarter-finals.

The article speaks about the strong resistance of Switzerland against Argentina in the 2nd round match in FIFA world cup 2014.

Argentina probably had there most difficult match before going to the quarter-finals against Switzerland. When the match started on 1st July, 2014, everyone thought it will be a walkover. Argentina are too good for Switzerland.


But once the match started it was fought out inch to inch. Firstly the brilliant performance of Rodriquez of Switzerland did not allow Lionel Messi to enjoy the free space that he likes to get.


As Lionel Messi is a great ball-player, he has the capability of sending brilliant passes which allow the other players to score from danger zones around the penalty box. In the first 90 minutes Messi just got one chance of shooting a long ranger around the penalty-box. That tells the story of great defending by Switzerland.


When world cup soccer became popular in the 1930s and 1950s, other teams like Hungary, Romania got prominence.

Switzerland never appeared to be dangerous in the highest form of soccer till 1990s. In 2014 FIFA world cup, Switzerland became very dangerous. The strikers like Xhaka, Shakiri, Fernandez, Behrami made life difficult for a number of teams like France, Honduras and others. They did well against Argentina also. The goal-keeper Benaglio was probably one of the best goalkeepers of this World Cup. He stopped many shots on goal.


Argentina ultimately won the match in Extra time. The 90 minutes remained goalless. It was Lionel Messi’s beautiful pass which did the magic. De Mario scored the goal with a good shot.


Argentina’s defence looked shaky against Switzerland. It is looking like Argentina are going to face Germany in Semi-finals. It is depending on their success against Belgium in the quarter-finals and Germany’s success against France in the other quarter-finals. Then Argentina has to play much better.


In 1986 World Cup also Maradona’s Argentina was not too strong team. They depended strongly on Maradona’s skills. Buruchaga, Valdano complimented him, but they were not great strikers. In fact West Germany had a stronger team in the 1986 World Cup and were favourites. It was brilliance of Maradona which overpowered Germany. But Germany took revenge in 1990. This time the strong performances of Lothar Mathews, Augenthaler, Klinsman, Brehme overshadowed Maradona's Argentina. Same is the case in 2014 FIFA world cup. There is too much dependence on Lionel Messi. The football lovers expect Messi to score more goals and compete for the golden balls where Neimar, Muller, Robin and Benzima are also tough competitors.

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